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About Residential

Your home is more than just a roof over your head. It is a place to feel safe and enjoy the life you want. Our reliable, flexible and efficient residential power systems enhance living spaces and the lifestyles of their occupants.

We provide innovative technologies that deliver safety and convenience, making homes more integrated, liveable, and personal.

Modular Wiring Systems
Designed and assembled in our Dublin-based, ISO-Certified production facility, we provide complete plug-and-play modular wiring systems that are customised for every type of residential project. Using only a small number of pluggable components, our systems facilitate an installation that is pre-engineered, safe and rapid. We start by providing a pluggable consumer unit, complete with plug-and-play outgoing ways, safely concealed within a vanity panel. From there, pluggable and colour-coded extender leads distribute power to wherever it needs to go. We provide pre-engineered switching distribution boxes, configured specifically for each project, eliminating the need for onsite electricians to spend time onsite wiring two-way and intermediate switching.

We also provide plug-and-play switches and sockets with customised pluggable leads. As our residential modular wiring systems do not require cutting, stripping and terminating of cables onsite, labour time is reduced by up to 70%.

Lighting & Smart Lighting Controls
Light brings form and function to everything and has the potential to inject life and atmosphere to any indoor and outdoor space. We provide energy efficient lighting to suit any style or décor, from flexible LED strip, downlights, and pendants for interior living spaces, to luminaires designed to light up a façade, pathway and landscaped area of exterior spaces.

Our smart systems, specifically designed for residential applications, provide intuitive lighting that delivers ultimate control to the end-user. Wired or wireless, cloud-based and mobile-application supported, our system allows you to control your home’s lighting from anywhere. Whether you want to change the colour of light in specific rooms, turn on lights in any indoor or outdoor space, or set pre-programmed mood scenes, total control is at your fingertips or by means of voice activation through Google Home or Amazon Alexa devices. You can also schedule security lighting while not at home, set up weather controls that automatically dim up and down depending on natural sunlight, and get notified when lights are switched on or off, all you need is a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

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