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About Offices

The modern-day office is much more than just a place of work. It is a statement of your organisation’s identity. A safe place to express the shared values, attitudes, goals and practices of your company’s culture.

At Modula, we understand how an office building’s services can boost productivity, efficiency and performance. We also understand the importance of creating spaces that encourage creativity and collaboration, while also improving your people’s health and wellbeing.

Our innovative and energy efficient power distribution and lighting systems are designed to act intuitively and work for you, the building occupier, not the other way round.

Modular Wiring Systems
Our modular wiring systems are assembled in our Dublin-based, ISO-Certified production facility and are designed to provide a complete plug-and-play power distribution infrastructure that facilitates the rapid fit-out of office spaces, with up to 70% reduction in onsite labour time. We provide a quick connector into the building’s main distribution panel, with a home run cable that delivers power to a series of Master Distribution Boards (MDB) throughout the building.

From there, we provide customised, pluggable leads to bring power directly to end-user devices or to underfloor power track, equipped with a power outlet at every 300mm interval. We also provide a complete range of floor boxes, floor grommets and desk power units to deliver power where you want it, when you want it.

Our innovative modular wiring systems provide a safe and convenient building services infrastructure, with maximum flexibility for future layout changes and expansion.

Lighting & Lighting Control Systems
There is a growing body of evidence proving the value and importance of effective lighting in indoor spaces. We provide lighting that inspires and energises, while also improving health, wellbeing, mood and happiness. Our lighting systems can be programmed to work in harmony with our body’s natural circadian rhythm, delivering cool blues for periods of concentrating, and warm tones for periods of relaxation and wind down.

We partner with several European manufacturers in providing luminaires to suit all styles and décors, from standard LED panels and downlights, to architectural LED linear profile, track spots and pendants.

We also understand the need to reduce building energy consumption and costs. We are distributors for Helvar® lighting control systems and provide our clients with a full design, supply and commissioning service.

Whether your building requires occupancy sensors to switch lights off when people are not present, daylight sensors that dim as sunlight enters through glass windows or just simple dimming functions, our engineers can give you exactly what your next office project requires.

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