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A relaxing restaurant. A rejuvenating spa. Or a hotel room in which to unwind. Whatever the type of hospitality project, we pride ourselves as being experts in providing innovative power distribution and lighting systems that combine functionality with style.

Our reliable, flexible and energy efficient systems enhance hospitality spaces and provide the desired experience for their guests. We provide innovative technologies that deliver safety and convenience, delivering solutions that are more integrated and personal.

Modular Wiring Systems
Designed and assembled in our Dublin-based, ISO-Certified production facility, we provide complete plug-and-play modular wiring systems that are customised for every type of hospitality project. Using only a small number of pluggable components, our systems facilitate an installation that is pre-engineered, safe and rapid. We provide pluggable consumer units for hotel rooms, complete with plug-and-play outgoing ways, safely concealed within a vanity panel. From there, pluggable and colour-coded extender leads distribute power to wherever it needs to go. We provide pre-engineered switching distribution boxes, configured specifically for each room, eliminating the need for onsite electricians to spend time onsite wiring two-way and intermediate switching.

We also provide plug-and-play lighting, switches and sockets with customised pluggable leads. As our modular wiring systems do not require cutting, stripping and terminating of cables onsite, labour time is reduced by up to 70%.

Lighting & Smart Lighting Controls

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To create a desired ambience, you need the right type of light. Light brings form and function to everything and has the potential to inject life and atmosphere to any indoor and outdoor space. We provide energy efficient lighting to suit any style or décor, from flexible LED strip, downlights, and pendants for interior spaces, to luminaires designed to light up façades, pathways, parking and landscaped areas of exterior spaces.

We partner with Helvar® in providing smart lighting control systems, with simple functionality, specifically designed for hospitality applications. Our systems provide for scene selection to easily create different ambiences, that can be fully integrated with audio-visual and room management systems. Intuitive user-interfaces allow for the lighting automation of public and outdoor spaces.

Our energy efficient systems can include for occupancy sensors that switch lights off in areas where people are not present, and daylight sensors that dim to allow for natural daylight entering through glass windows. And, as our systems are scalable, we can provide solutions for a single restaurant space or a full hotel building, whatever you require.

Photograph by Nääs Fabriker

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