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About Education

We provide the power infrastructures and lighting systems required to create the most advanced, state-of-the-art educational facilities. Our innovative electrical and lighting systems provide for employee and student wellbeing, creating the most enhanced learning experience possible.

Modular Wiring Systems
Designed and assembled in our Dublin-based, ISO-Certified production facility, we provide complete plug-and-play modular wiring systems that are customised for every type of education project. Using only a small number of pluggable components, our systems facilitate an installation that is pre-engineered, safe and rapid. We can provide a quick connector into the building’s main distribution panel, with a home run cable that delivers power to a series of Master Distribution Boards (MDB) throughout the building. From there, we provide customised, pluggable tees and leads to bring power directly to end-user devices.

We also manufacture pluggable trunking systems, customised specifically for each project, to power everything from luminaires and light control sensors, to fan units, smoke detectors, or any other device that needs power. Our trunking systems come pre-wired, with pluggable, colour-coded connectors and leads, to bring power all the way to where it is needed. This provides a reliable and safe power infrastructure, with flexibility built in to facilitate future layout changes.

Photograph by Anne Nilsen

We provide pre-engineered switching distribution boxes, eliminating the need for onsite electricians to spend time onsite wiring two-way and intermediate switching. We can also provide plug-and-play lighting, switches and sockets with customised pluggable leads. As our modular wiring systems do not require cutting, stripping and terminating of cables onsite, labour time is reduced by up to 70%.

Lighting & Lighting Controls

There is a growing body of evidence proving the value and importance of effective lighting in education environments. We can provide lighting and lighting control systems that are designed around our bodies’ natural circadian rhythm, providing indoor lighting throughout the day that is as close as possible to natural light. Our education lighting solutions provide an environment that improves the health and wellbeing of employees and students, delivering indoor spaces that enhance both the teaching and the learning experience.
We partner with several European manufacturers in providing luminaires to suit any education environment, from LED panels and downlights, to architectural LED linear profile, track spots and pendants.

Photograph by Helja Korkala
Photograph by Niki Soukkio

We are distributors for Helvar® lighting control systems and provide our clients with a full design, supply and commissioning service. Our systems provide for maximum student comfort, providing the correct light level and colour temperature for every activity. We can provide a solution for a single classroom or for an entire campus, fully integrated with audio-visual and building management systems. We also understand the need to reduce building energy consumption and costs so can provide occupancy sensors to switch lights off when people are not present, and daylight sensors that dim as sunlight enters through glass windows.

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