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Data Centres

About Data Centres

Our world continues to become increasingly more connected every day. And with this trend towards ever more digitisation in all areas of life, the demand for reliable and secure data centres continues to rise.

Data centres exist to store and protect critical data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. While data is their core business, it is a reliable power infrastructure that allows a data centre to function as close to 100% as possible.

At Modula, we understand how much power matters in a world of data. That’s why we design, supply and support reliable power distribution, lighting and lighting control systems for small scale computer rooms as well as large scale data centres.

Our high-quality power systems provide maximum energy efficiency, scalability for future expansion, utmost safety and security and, above all else, maximum uptime.

Starline® Track Busway
We are distributors for Starline®, a global leader in power distribution equipment. Starline® Track Busway is a revolutionary, overhead power distribution system that is available in various sizes from 160 to 1250 amps. The system’s most unique feature includes a continuous access slot, meaning power can be tapped at any location. This flexibility makes it the ideal solution for environments that are looking to expand or change layouts; or those who would simply like to have these options available for the future.

Other main benefits of the Starline® Track Busway product include reduced facility construction costs, faster installation and the ability to customize solutions to fit your needs. Starline® Plug-in Units can also be disconnected and connected without de-energizing the busway and the product requires no routine maintenance.

Customised Pluggable Trunking
We manufacture pluggable trunking systems, customised specifically for each mission critical project, to power everything from luminaires and light control sensors, to fan units, smoke detectors, or any other device that needs power.

Our power trunking systems come pre-wired, with pluggable, colour-coded connectors and leads, to bring power all the way to where it is needed. This provides a reliable and safe power infrastructure, with extra capacity built in to facilitate future expansion. And, as there are no cables to be cut, stripped and terminated onsite, installation time is reduced by up to 50%.

Lighting & Lighting Control Systems

We partner with quality European manufacturers in providing energy efficient LED luminaires to light data centre spaces and can provide lighting calculation reports for data halls and office areas. From high output linear track lighting, to spots, flat LED panels and clean room fittings, we have everything required for the modern-day data centre.

We also believe no conversation about lighting is complete without also discussing lighting controls. We understand the need to reduce building energy consumption and costs. We are distributors for Helvar® lighting control systems and provide our clients with a full design, supply and commissioning service. Whether your building requires occupancy sensors to switch lighting off when people are not present, daylight sensors that dim as sunlight enters through glass windows or just simple dimming functions, our engineers can give you exactly what your next mission critical project requires.

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