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Our Lighting Control Systems

About Our Lighting Control Systems

We believe no conversation about lighting is complete without discussing lighting controls. That’s why we provide a full design, supply and commissioning service on lighting control systems for any type of project.

Our intelligent lighting control systems provide proven human benefits. They provide visual comfort as well as giving light that is more natural and in harmony with your personal circadian rhythm. People need different types of light at different times of the day and for different activities. And we all have individual preferences – personal control means you can be more comfortable in every environment. When it comes to wellbeing, it is important that the space you are in is fit for purpose and works around you.

We understand the need to reduce building energy consumption and costs. Whether your building requires occupancy sensors to switch lighting off when people are not present, daylight sensors that dim as sunlight enters through glass windows or just simple dimming functions, our engineers can give you exactly what your project requires.

Our lighting control systems also have a dense sensor network and is therefore a great source of occupancy data. Building occupiers and facility management teams can gain real insights regarding occupancy rates and usage. These insights are not only useful for optimising space to fit usage patterns, but also in controlling HVAC and building systems through predictive occupancy that saves energy and maintains good indoor air quality.

Contact us today to discuss the lighting control requirements for your next project. Email info@modula.ie or call +353 (0)1 455 9472.

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