Others Deliver Parts, We Deliver Projects

Problems We Solve

Modular wiring replaces traditional methods involved in the electrical fit-out by manufacturing a modular electrical system offsite to enable a rapid, easily-installed and fully tested assembly onsite. In so doing, modular wiring solves a number of problems in the delivery of a project.

Lower Cost

When it comes to the electrical fit-out of a project, up to 75% savings can be made to labour costs by adopting a modular wiring approach. There is less waste as all cables are cut to size before arriving onsite. There is also a greater level of cost certainty as the entire modular wiring system is accounted for at the design and production stages. When compared to a traditional wiring approach, overall savings achieved will be in the region of 10-15% by installing a modular wiring system.

Programme Certainty

Programmes are constantly being squeezed as project teams are challenged with delivering to tighter schedules with fewer human resources onsite. This, as well as problems with the supply chain, often lead to delays. Our plug-and-play modular systems allow for a rapid electrical fit-out. As the main contractor is constructing onsite, we are assembling the modular electrical system offsite. This parallel processing allows for significant reductions in programme delivery.

Highest Quality Installation

Our modular wiring systems are produced in a safe and controlled factory-environment, adhering to all the relevant wiring regulations and standards. Our production team works to ISO audited and certified procedures and all products are fully tested before being delivered to site. This delivers added piece-of-mind, knowing that the installation is certified before it is even delivered.

Health and Safety Risk

Health and safety is always a top priority for personnel onsite. As the installation of modular wiring systems are less labour-intensive for onsite teams, particularly as they will be required to spend less time working at heights, improvements around health and safety can be gained.

Skilled Labour Shortage

A common problem for many contractors is not having access to enough skilled labour. With modular wiring systems, smaller teams are required onsite because most of the labour-intensive elements of the electrical fit-out are carried out offsite. Our modular wiring delivers a system that is proven to reduce on-site labour from 50%-80%.