Increasing Energy Costs? Decrease Energy Usage!


Sustainability has been on the agenda for a while now and many of us have been doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. But the recent escalation in energy costs has put this topic in sharper focus and with more urgency.

In September 2022, Electric Ireland announced an increase in electricity bills by a further 26.7% from 1st October 2022. Pat Fenlon, Executive Director of Electric Ireland stated, “This continues to be a very challenging time for customers, and an unprecedented time in the energy industry, it is with considerable reluctance that we are increasing electricity prices again for our customers, which is necessary given the continuing increases in wholesale energy prices.”

In recent months, many businesses have been looking at ways to increase the energy efficiency of their buildings and reduce their energy costs. One such way is to audit a building’s lighting. According to the SEAI, up to 40% of a building’s energy costs are spent on lighting, so big gains can be made by making improvements in this area.

For a start, a building must include LED lighting throughout. But it shouldn’t end there, further efficiencies can be derived by the inclusion of a centrally controlled, lighting control system. Intelligent lighting systems include the latest LED technology, along with occupancy sensors to switch lighting off when people are not present, and daylight sensors that harvest natural sunlight as it enters through glass windows and reduce the artificial lighting inside the building to compensate.

There are many ways an intelligent lighting system can deliver value, but here are 3 key benefits:

Energy efficiency – intelligent lighting systems add to the sustainability of a building and reduce its energy costs.

Comfort and wellbeing – intelligent lighting systems sense and learn what is going on inside a building and deliver better quality lighting that aids comfort, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

Convenience – a building’s intelligent lighting system can be designed to be centrally controlled, providing maximum flexibility for the building occupier.

Modula engineers are experts in intelligent lighting. We believe no conversation about lighting is complete without including for how that lighting is to be controlled – that’s why we provide both LED lighting and lighting control systems. Having one single source for the entire intelligent lighting system delivers benefits for building services designers, installers and facilities managers.

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