Electrical Systems For Mission Critical Environments


Data centres have become the linchpin of modern living, relied upon by our society and industry. As facilities, they need to provide 24×7 availability and achieve unprecedented sustainability targets. And with our lives and businesses becoming ever more digital, the need for more data centres will only increase in the coming years.

The challenge, from a design and build perspective, is to create these mission critical environments faster, more sustainably and at a lower cost. To achieve this, many data centre projects are now employing modular systems that are manufactured offsite.

Data centres that are built using modular elements save costs in multiple areas, particularly in the reduction of labour and travel costs, as well as the elimination of onsite waste. And as fit-out elements are produced in a controlled factory environment, instead of the sometimes unpredictable environment of a building site, the quality of the installation increases too. Modular elements throughout data centres result in a much more simple and convenient process when it comes to the replacement or upgrading of the data centre’s equipment. With this inbuilt flexibility, the future needs of the facility are allowed for from the very beginning.

These benefits can mostly be gained when a modular approach is applied to the facility’s electrical systems, which tend to amount to up to 50% of the total spend on data centre projects (excluding fit-out).

At Modula, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of integrated data centre solutions, including power distribution systems, lighting and lighting controls. All our systems are offsite manufactured and delivered in a modular, plug-and-play form. This allows for a rapid and reliable installation onsite.

Medium & High-Power Busbar

Busbar systems are the safe, structured alternative to power distribution using conventional wiring. They provide a rapid fit-out for the installer and maximum flexibility for the client. Our busbar systems range from 63A to 6300A, providing a reliable power infrastructure for your mission critical environment.

Low Power Busbar for General Services & Lighting

Medium and high-power busbars have become the norm on data centre projects. Modula’s Conecta system brings the same pluggable busbar approach to the project’s general services power, lighting and lighting controls. Modern methods of construction require a more innovative approach, one that allows for a rapid project delivery. While you produce your building modules in your factory, we produce a modular, plug-and-play system for your building’s services in ours. Strict control and testing procedures ensure the highest possible quality installation.

Modular Office Areas

Above the ceiling, our system includes for lighting distribution units with pre-wired luminaires and lighting control sensors. All delivered in a pluggable form for a fast installation, with built-in flexibility to accommodate future building needs. Under the floor, Powertrack provides a modular power system for the data centre’s office areas. The system includes pluggable floor boxes and power distribution units above or below each desk.

Modula is exhibiting at Data Centre World in ExCeL London on March 8th & 9th. If you would like to discuss your next mission critical project, please get in touch to arrange a meeting.

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